ENOUGH is ENOUGH with the GREEKS!!!!!!!!

09 Νοέ.

You arrogant barbaric European «Superior» Nations or like the Japanese call you, gaijin = «dirty barbarian», «uncultured dumbass», «the one separated from his inner self».

Shut Up with your filthy talks about Greeks!

undp-somalia Τοξικά απόβλητα στην Αιθιοπία

Laminating a barrel of toxic waste which ended up on shore, likely dumped in the Indean Ocean just off the Somali coast by an unnamed European nation.

Look how you turn all the knowledge handed over to you by Greeks! Now, it’s time for some cultural Greek touch again that will clean the mess you have created.

Rusting barrels of nuclear waste at Hurd Deep, North Sea

Rusting barrels of nuclear waste at Hurd Deep, North Sea, remnants of barrels tipped into sea by UK between 1950 and 1963

Material and finance. That is all you care about!

You turn science to technology ripping off the world’s sources and polluting the planet, for some material that you buy and throw away few weeks later. Just to have fun or because you can do it!

Dumping Containers of Radioactive Waste on the Sea Floor or fooling poor starving nations so they can bury it on their ground!
And why they starve? Because for hundreds of years you enslaved them and sold them for profit. Then you ripped off their ground and everything they had, until recently causing civil war, killing more than million people in Africa, … just for oil.

This list is endless… and only from the recent history!

Not the 4th crusade that ripped off Constantinople!
Every single Cathedral on your towns has something that originates from  Constantinople!

rwanda genocide Η γενοκτονία στη Ρουάντα

Rwanda genocide, just for making way to oil pipes.. by a private company

Yes, Greeks taught you a lot more than that, but you only kept what your barbarian mind could handle!

Greeks told you a lot more! Greeks told you as well about «Nemesis»!
Is this maybe the reason why the suicide rates 1 2 ,  in your societies are the highest on the planet, together with crime and schizophrenia ?
And eventually, you have discovered a financial system that tax you to «save» the banks that borrow you money, for the benefit and profit of some individual!
Bravo barbarians!

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