Declaration of the sovereigns at Troppau

21 May

HOLY ALLIANCE“The overthrow of the order of things in Spain, Portugal, and Naples, has necessarily caused the cares and the uneasiness of the powers who combated the revolution, and convinced them of the necessity of patting a check on the new calamities with which Europe it threatened.
The principles which united the great powers of the continent to deliver the world from the military despotism of an individual issuing from the revolution, ought to act against the revolutionary power which has just developed itself — The sovereigns assembled at Troppau with this intention, venture to hope that they shall attain this object. They will take for their guides, in this great enterprize, the treaties which restored peace to Europe, and have united its nations together.
Without doubt the powers have the right to take in common, general measures of precaution against those states, whose reforms, engendered by rebellion, are opposed to legitimate governments as example has already demonstrated, especially when the spirit of rebellion is propagated in the neighboring states by secret agents.
In consequence, the monarchs assembled at Troppau have arranged together the measures required by circumstances, and have communicated to the courts of London and Paris their intention of attaining the end desired, either by mediation or by force. — With this view they have invited the king of the Two Sicilies to repair to Laybach, to appear there as conciliator between his misguided people and the states whose tranquility is endangered by this state of things and as they have resolved not to recognize any authority established by the seditious, it is only with the king they can confer.
As the system to be followed has no other foundation than treaties already existing, they have no doubt of the assent of the courts at Paris and London.
The only object of this system is to consolidate the alliance between the sovereigns ; it has no view to conquests, or to violations of the independence of other powers.
Voluntary ameliorations in the government will not be impeded.
They desire only to maintain tranquility, and protect Europe from the scourge of new revolutions, and to prevent them as far as possible”




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