Declaration of the sovereigns at Laybach

27 May

Powers and GreeceDECLARATION.
“Europe is acquainted with the motives of the resolution taken by the Allied Sovereigns to suppress conspiracies, and to terminate disorders which menaced the existence of that general peace, the establishment of which had cost so many efforts and so many sacrifices.
“At the very moment when their generous objects were accomplished in the kingdom of Naples, a rebellion of still more odious character, if possible, burst forth in Piedmont.
“Neither the ties, which had, for so many generations, united the reigning House of Savoy with the people, nor the benefits of an enlightened government, administered by a wise Prince, and under parental laws, nor the sad prospect of calamities to which the country was exposed, could restrain the disaffected from their designs.
“The plan of a general subversion was prepared. In this combination against the repose of nations, the conspirators of Piedmont had their part assigned them. — They were eager to perform it.
“The Throne and the State were betrayed –oaths were violated — military honor tarnished — and the contempt of every duty soon produced the scourge of every disorder.
“Every where the pestilence exhibited the same character : every where, one uniform spirit directed these fatal revolutions.
“Not being able to assign plausible motives in the justification nor to obtain additional support to maintain them, it was in false doctrines that these contrivers of anarchy sought an apology ; they founded, upon criminal associations, a still more criminal hope.
In their eyes, the salutary supremacy of the laws, was a yoke which must be destroyed.
They renounced those sentiments which are inspired by the true love of one’s country, and substituted for known duties, arbitrary and undefined pretenses for a universal change in the constituent principles of society, they prepared endless disasters for the world.
“The Allied Sovereigns saw the danger of this conspiracy in all their full extent, but they had also discovered the real weakness of the conspirators, in spite of their veil of declamation and deceit. — Experience has verified their anticipations.
The resistance which legitimate authority has encountered, has been useless, and crime has disappeared at the sight of the sword of justice.
“It is not to accidental causes — it is not even to the conduct of men who behaved so ill in the hour of battle — that this easy success should be attributed. — It has resulted from a more consolitary principle ; from one form worthy of attention.
“Providence struck with terror, the consciences of men so guilty ; and the censure of the public, whose fate was compromised by these artificers of mischief, caused the arms to fall from their hands.
“Solely employed to contend with, and to put down rebellion, the allied forces, far from pursuing any exclusive interest, have arrived to the aid of the people who were subjugated (;) and the people themselves have regarded the employment of those troops as a support in favor of their liberty, not as an aggression upon their Independence.
From that moment the war ceased — from that moment, the States which revolution had assailed, became the friendly States of those powers which never wished any thing but their tranquility and their prosperity.
“In the midst of these great occurrences, and in a situation thus delicate, the allied sovereigns, in concert with the king of the Two Sicilies and the king of Sardinia, have judged it indispensable to adopt temporary measures of precaution, indicated by prudence, and called for by the general good.
The allied troops, whose presence was necessary for the restoration of order, have been placed in suitable positions, solely for the purpose of protecting the free exercise of legitimate authority, and to assist it in preparing under this aegis, those benefits which may efface every vestige of such portentous misfortune.
“The justice and disinterestedness which have prevailed in the deliberations of the Allied Monarchs, will always continue to regulate their policy.
In future, as during the past, they will ever prescribe to themselves, the preservation of the independence and the rights of each state, such as they are recognized and defined in the existing treaties.
The issue, even of such an alarming crisis, will, under the auspices of Providence, become the consolidation of the peace, which the enemies of the people attempt to destroy, and the stability of an order of things, which will secure to nations their repose and prosperity.
“Filled with these sentiments the Allied Sovereigns, in terminating the conferences at Laybach, have wished to announce to the world the principles by which they have been animated.
They are determined never to abandon them ; and all the friends of order will constantly see and find in their union, a sure safeguard against the enterprises of anarchy.
“It is for this purpose that their Imperial and Royal Majesties have ordered their ministers plenipotentiarys to sign and publish the present Declaration.
“Austria – METTERNICH.
“Prussia – KRUSEMARK.



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